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Rimba Kazungu
Birth Date: 31 st January 1997
Education: Primary
Favourite Subject: Colouring
Language: Kigiryama

Rimba Kazungu lives with his parents

About Rimba Kazungu's Family
Number of brothers: 3
Number of sisters: 3
Fathers Work: N/A
Mothers Work: N/A

Why Rimba Kazungu needs your help
Children in Rimba Kazungu's community face many challenges. Most people are farmers, but outdated agricultural methods make it hard for them to grow enough to feed their families. As a result, many children are malnourished. Water is unsafe to drink, so many children suffer from illnesses like diarrhea and water-borne diseases like cholera. HIV and AIDS are also widespread in the area, but healthcare facilities are limited. Many children miss out on education because schools are too small and lack basic equipment.